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Natural Deodorant That Actually Works

My personal journey with finding a natural deodorant started nearly 2 years ago. My entire life, I’ve always used the traditional usuals…Dove, Degree, & Secret. Alternating between each when it seemed one wasn’t working anymore. I’m a huge sweat-er! I like to call what I experience, “sweat flashes”. Especially when I get nervous, I can […]

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Add Golde Into Your Wellness Routine

Bamboo Beauty has added a new wellness brand to our collection! Launched by Trinity Wofford , GOLDE Turmeric is a powerful powder blend of creamy coconut milk with organic botanicals, including turmeric, ginger, and cinnamon. All of their ingredients are sustainably sourced from certified-organic farms from around the world. We visited Golde and got some […]

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Why I Use The Oil Cleansing Method

Before I get into what products you should be using and how to use them, I’ll start by stating that clear skin begins on the INSIDE. We’ve all purchased the most expensive creams before, only to find out that they don’t work that much better than its drugstore counterparts. But I’m sure you’ve noticed the […]


The Perfect Winter Skincare Routine

Old Man Winter is on his way into town. Yes, the seasons are changing. So naturally, our skincare routines should change also. The cold, dry, windy weather during the fall and winter seasons causes the moisture level in our skin to decrease, resulting in dry and irritated skin. So now it’s time to ‘up the […]