My personal journey with finding a natural deodorant started nearly 2 years ago. My entire life, I’ve always used the traditional usuals…Dove, Degree, & Secret. Alternating between each when it seemed one wasn’t working anymore. I’m a huge sweat-er! I like to call what I experience, “sweat flashes”. Especially when I get nervous, I can feel sweat rolling down the insides of my arms. During my sweat flashes, and while using those same deodorant brands, it created this strong whiff of whatever fragrance my deodorant was, mixed with MUST! For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been searching for a deodorant that was just right for me. And I’ve never ever found it. 

After casually hearing or reading about antiperspirants being linked to breast cancer (which is one of my biggest fears), I became interested in finding a natural alternative. But the way my sweat glands are set up, I didn’t believe that natural deodorants would be effective for me. 

Years went by and Dove was just not working for me. I hated the scents available but what other choices did I have? They all seemed the same. One of my good friends told me that she had been using the Crystal rock and that it had been working of her. I’d heard about the Crystal but I just didn’t think a salt rock was gonna do it for me. But I said what the heck, let me try it! To my surprise, it was very effective! I had figured out how many strokes I needed to get through my working day. I love how it dried up and didn’t leave a wet residue on my underarms and shirts. and best of all there was no scent! It just felt natural. Everything was all good. Until about 3 months later, at work, I would start getting a whiff of an onion throughout the day. I had to go to the bathroom and do the sniff test. IT WAS ME! Oh God, I hope my clients didn’t catch that! The Crystal wasn’t working anymore! But I didn’t want to give up on it. So I kept using it. I started the mornings off with it and just took my Dove brand to work with me and applied that when the Crystal started to wear off. But I wanted to stay away from aluminum-based anti-perspirants, so I moved to Schmidt’s. I had seen the brand a lot and I liked the fragrance options. They were very mild. I used that for about 6 months before it just didn’t do anything for me anymore. The same routine ensued. I’d started my mornings with Schmidt’s and halfway through the day, I’d have to apply my Dove. My conscious was just not okay with that.

One day I discovered a Canadian brand of natural deodorant called Routine Cream started by two sisters who call themselves, “Deodorant Revolutionists”. I’m not exactly sure how I came across this deodorant brand but I was immediately intrigued at the idea of a cream deodorant. And it was totally clean. It had no toxic chemicals whatsoever. So I ordered immediately! That’s what I do. I love to try new personal care and beauty products. It’s actually my job to try new products. It arrived at my door really quickly. The first formula I tried was the Moon Sisters. I started with Moon Sisters because it was formulated with Magnesium, Activated Charcoal and Prebiotics. I was already a big advocate of daily consumption of Magnesium and probiotics so I was sold immediately. I was totally able to get through my day of work without getting musty!

Routine is a cream that is shea butter, cocoa butter & coconut oil based but after applying, it dried up well. It didn’t soil my shirts and the scent was VERY MILD. Perfect! I even started using this deodorant in the spring through the summer and I’m able to stay fresh the entire day! Unheard of for me and these pits. So its been about 6 months and I absolutely love my Routine Cream. So much so that I added it to the shoppe!

I’m an educator first, so I like to break down the ingredients and tell you why a certain product is effective. This particular formula, Moon Sisters uses activated charcoal, magnesium hydroxide, and prebiotics as its active ingredients. There is a touch of baking soda in this formula in efforts to amp up the deodorizing effects but not enough to irritate ones who have a baking soda sensitivity. If you’ve ever tried a natural deodorant that contained baking soda and you’ve experienced burning, you may have a sensitivity to the baking soda. For you sensitive-skinned folk, there are baking soda free formulas available in the shoppe also. The Curator & Blackberry Betty

Magnesium hydroxide is used to balance the pH of the underarms. The underarm area is a naturally acidic environment. Magnesium (& baking soda) are very alkaline in nature. The alkalinity of magnesium hydroxide makes the environment of the underarm an unpleasant living situation for the bacteria that feed off of your sweat. NEWSFLASH: the cause of odor is the bad bacteria that live on your pits, not the actual sweat. Sweat is actually colorless and odorless. So the presence of alkaline magnesium hydroxide kills off the bacteria, allowing you to stay fresh for a longer period of time. There are people who actually swear by Milk of Magnesia as an active odor-reducing ingredient.

Activated charcoal is highly porous and has the ability to absorb toxins, bacteria, and odors. Increasing your chances of staying fresh throughout the day.

Prebiotics! You’ve heard of PROBIOTICS but have you heard of PREBIOTICS? What’s the difference you ask? Think of it in this way. When you plant a seed in soil, that seed needs water, sun, and fertilizer to grow into a strong healthy plant, right? So in this analogy, probiotics are the seeds and prebiotics are the fertilizer. 

Humans have bacteria that live on the skin called skin microflora. These bacterium are good bacteria and bad bacteria. Due to the average persons hygiene regime that includes daily washing with harsh soaps, we wash away all bacteria, the good and the bad. Without enough good bacteria, the bad bacteria will take over. Remember, the bad bacteria is what causes the odor. When you re-populate the underarm area with good and strong bacteria (thank prebiotics!), they will fight and kill off the bad bacteria. Allowing you to have a fresh and successful day!

Now, I want to emphasize how much Routine is not an anti-perspirant becauseSWEATING IS IMPORTANT! Aluminum containing anti-perspirants keep the body from sweating and properly releasing hormones and toxins out of the body by blocking the sweat pores. Read that again…Antiperspirants inhibit the body’s natural detox mechanism. Aluminum is absorbed by the body and accumulates in the bones, brain, liver and kidneys which is why they have been one of the suspected causes of breast cancer and Alzheimers.

While on the subject of Alum, I want to revisit the makeup of the Crystal deodorant brand. Most people don’t know that crystal deodorants do contain aluminum! You’ll notice their packaging says “no harmful aluminums” or “no aluminum chlorohydrate” but never “aluminum-free.” The form of alum used in the Crystal is potassium alum–the full chemical name of which is potassium aluminum sulfate. The most common way to create potassium aluminum sulfate is through a process where sulfuric acid is combined with bauxite ore. The reaction between the sulfuric acid and the ore creates aluminum oxide. This is then reacted with potassium sulfate to form potassium aluminum sulfate. 

The Crystal deodorant stones are manufactured in this less-than-environmentally-friendly way, shipping ore from overseas and using toxic chemicals like sulfuric acid. Unlike some other metals such as potassium, sodium, or magnesium, aluminum has no benefit or function in the body and is considered an environmental toxin and toxic to people.

Manufacturers of crystal deodorants will claim that the molecules of alum are “too large” to be absorbed, but the Crystal requires you to wet it first before each use. Wetted Crystals are broken down into ions, turning into ionic aluminum, releasing the smallest possible form of aluminum onto your skin and to be absorbed into the skin. The very thing that a person is trying to avoid when choosing the Crystal is the very thing that they are getting.

Okay, back to Routine! It’s not an anti-perspirant but there are ingredients that aim to help with absorbing moisture. The cornstarch & arrowroot powder have a little bit of drying power. 

Routine Cream comes in a 2 ounce jar and their claim is that this jar will last between 3-6 months. My first jar lasted a little over 2 months. But again, I was using it through the summer, so there were days when I showered twice in one day and I will admit that I use generous amounts of everything because that’s what I do when I love something. I won’t go as far as to say that jar will go beyond a 3 month supply.

It’s packaged in a 2 ounce, frosted glass jar and is perfect for travel. I evened survived Costa Rica’s humid climate with Routine Cream.

Once more, Routine is a cream with a base of coconut oil, cocoa butter, and shea butter with other added oils like olive oil, neroli oil, lavender & rose oils which all have soothing, calming, and hydrating properties. The Moon Sisters and Superstar formulas are gray in color due to the activated charcoal but the color does not transfer to your clothes. After applying, it goes on clear. Also, another thing I noticed after switching to Routine is that I wasn’t getting those pesky yellow stains on the armpit area of my shirts. So I did some research to see what causes the yellow stains. I always assumed it was because I sweat so bad. Nope! Yellow armpit stains are caused by the reaction between sweat and aluminum in traditional antiperspirants. No more aluminum, no more yellow stains!

Head over to the shoppe to find your favorite formula and fall in love with your new Routine.


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