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Hi! I'm Tianna James! A wife, mom-of-2, and natural beauty entrepreneur…
I've helped HUNDREDS of women achieve & maintain strong healthy hair for OVER 10 YEARS!
As a licensed cosmetologist, I’ve always paid close attention to product ingredients to ensure that the results I was working to achieve on a clients’ hair wasn’t being counteracted by hidden chemicals and toxins (ya know, those words on the back of the labels that you don't even try to pronounce). I’ve also used dozens of beauty brands throughout my career, so I’ve become familiar with which ingredients ACTUALLY work.
I find that a lot of women are often misled through ‘greenwashing’ practices by brands claiming to be ‘natural’ and ‘organic’. Consequently, I wanted to create a beauty space that can be your trusted source for green beauty literacy along with a crafted shopping experience…
Bamboo Beauty provides a curated collection of eco-chic & luxury, plant-based beauty products!
We curate our collection of green beauty by partnering with small beauty & wellness companies who make serious efforts to integrate sustainable practices into their business philosophy. We're committed to helping you become aware of and avoid toxic ingredients and their harmful effects on your health. Our belief is that you should not have to compromise your health for beauty.
Why the name Bamboo Beauty?
Bamboo is an abundant, super-eco-sustainable, and uber-resourceful plant. Long revered as a symbol of longevity, strength, tenacity, and flexibility, bamboo is now a prime resource for sustainable beauty.
It has been said that the Bamboo plant is a “wonder plant” that is uniquely blessed and is one of the fastest growing plants in the world. Bamboo can grow in almost any kind of climate and thrive in the poorest of soils. When mature, it is remarkably resilient and strong. In fact, it’s tensile strength is comparable to steel. Bamboo's long life makes it a Chinese symbol of uprightness, while in India, it is a symbol of friendship. In Vietnam, Bamboo symbolizes a hard working soul, optimism, unity, and adaptability. 
At Bamboo Beauty, we aim to enhance the quality of lives around us by serving a community of conscious shoppers who model similar qualities as the bamboo plant.